How to Survive a Long-Haul Flight

Flying can be nerve-wracking and uncomfortable on the shortest of flights. But, what about those long-haul flights? I’m talking about the ones that are 8 hours or more. So many people feel like they just have to grin and bear it and ultimately suffer, but I have some tips that will help you to survive that long-haul flight in a bit more comfort than you might expect!

Here are some great tips for how to survive a long-haul flight!

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How to Pack: Summer in Japan

I am traveling to Japan this summer with a group from the school where I work! I am so excited to get to explore this beautiful country. After doing a ton of research, I have compiled a list of things that are essentials to pack for this time of year.

I will be traveling with a large group (around 35 people), and we will be traveling all over the country. It is a good idea to think about what size suitcase you should bring based on the length of your trip, as well as the convenience of dragging said suitcase all over the country, especially if you are in a large group.

Here are my tips for what you should pack for your summer trip to Japan!

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Travel Tips: Summer in Japan

I am traveling to Japan in the summer of 2023! I am so excited, and I have, therefore, been doing a ton of research on what you should know about traveling in Japan.

We are in a post-pandemic world (for the most part) so a lot of the restrictions have been lifted at this point. After scouring blogs, YouTube and TikTok, I have compiled a list of things to know about traveling in Japan. We will be traveling in the summer (June, the rainy season), so some of my tips will be catered to that time of year.

If you are planning to travel to Japan this summer, check out these travel tips so you won’t make any typical tourist blunders and can be super prepared!

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