Do I Have That Other Book Challenge

I have been seeing this challenge all over BookTube, and I thought it was too fun to pass up! I’m a couple of months late to this trend, but hopefully that means I won’t be spamming your feed with a challenge that everyone else is doing right now! See – I’m winning 😉

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Chapter One


IMG_1009It’s official! I have decided to start a Book Blog! I am super excited to start this journey, as well as nervous and feeling, more than a little bit, like I don’t quite know what I’m doing. But, that is all part of the process, no?

I love to read. It is probably one of the only things that I know I do everyday, other than eating and sleeping. And I love to talk about what I’m reading. Unfortunately, my poor husband can only listen to me talk about books for so long before he starts to tune me out 😉

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