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Discussion Post: Do You Let Other People’s Book Opinions Sway You?


So, the other day I saw two women, who I personally know and respect, talking about a book online. They both said that they thought the book was dumb and that they didn’t like the writing style. Now, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but here was the problem for me…I loved the book they were talking about. I enjoyed the writing style and thought that it had several great points. Continue reading “Discussion Post: Do You Let Other People’s Book Opinions Sway You?”

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My Most Controversial Ratings!

I saw Destiny over @ Howling Libraries do this post earlier this week, and I thought it was brilliant! So, I’m stealing it! If you aren’t following Destiny yet, what are you doing with your life?? She’s amazing, go do that immediately, then come back here. I’ll wait…


Continue reading “My Most Controversial Ratings!”