Book Review: Made for More


Made for More: My Story of God’s Grace and Glory by Lauren Elizabeth Miller ~ 134 pages ~ published 9/27/19 by WestBow Press


Goodreads Synopsis:

We desire to know our lives matter, and we live in a world that craves more, but what is more? We’re bombarded with messages about what more looks like and how we can successfully live a life of being made for more. Perfection is a constant measure of success, and we manipulate plans so we feel like we are making an impact. In the end, we are empty and exhausted.

Author Lauren Elizabeth Miller has lived this and felt this on a deep level. She’s walked through the emptiness and exhaustion that stems from trying to be perfect and never fail. She’s also felt the redemption and restoration that only God can provide.
In Made for More, Miller shares her life story and the freedom and redemption she found through complete surrender to God’s plan for her life. She tells how obedience matters more than any outcome and that being made for more is simply living a life that stems from God’s grace. When we understand this, it changes everything.


What I Thought:

As a long struggling perfectionist myself, I was excited to pick up Made for More. What I didn’t realize was that I would so personally relate to Lauren’s story. I felt like she was talking about my own journey in several sections of her book. We both weren’t happy with who we were as teens, had huge growth in our faith during college, struggled with perfectionist tendencies, and have both adopted from China. Perhaps because her story has so closely mirrored my own, I felt a deeply personal connection with this book.

Even for someone who has a completely different journey, Made for More is an amazingly encouraging and uplifting read. I love hearing other’s journeys toward Christ. In the ways we differ, I find hope. In the ways we converge, I find comfort. Lauren’s prose makes you feel like you are sitting down and having a cup of coffee while hearing her story – this is one of my favorite types of books. It feels like you are making a new friend.

For anyone who is looking for a little encouragement and a healthy dose of Jesus, this is a beautifully written and wonderfully uplifting read. I highly recommend it, and I look forward to what is coming next from Lauren!  🙂


My Rating:


I gave Made for More 5 STARS!

Are you interested in learning more about this book? Check out the links below! 

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Have you picked up Made for More yet? Do you also struggle with perfectionism? What are your favorite Christian living titles? Let’s talk down in the comments! 


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