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My 2020 Reading Goals


It is officially 2020!! I kind of fell off the blogging band wagon last year (adopting a new baby can do that to a person), but I fully intend to jump back on! I might not post quite as much as I used to, but I am going to try to be more consistent.

Starting a new year is always fun for me. I am a nerdy little planner at heart, so making plans for the new year gives me a little thrill. I am going to be following along with a bunch of different reading challenges. I might not finish all of them, but I think that is alright. Just having a guide that will lead me towards books that I might not otherwise pick up is going to be fun for me.

Here are the various Reading Challenges that I am going to participate in this year: 

PopSugar Reading Challenge 2020

Read Harder Challenge 2020

When Are You Reading? Challenge

Modern Mrs. Darcy 2020 Reading Challenge

Little Inklings 2020 Reading Challenge 

A to Z Challenge ~ in Always Fully Booked Planner

Reading Rainbow Challenge ~ in Always Fully Booked Planner

On The Cover Challenge ~ in Always Fully Booked Planner


I have also decided to set my Goodreads Goal to only 65 this year. I am hoping to apply to grad school this year, and I anticipate that I won’t have quite as much free time for pleasure reading as I have had in the past.


Another few reading goals for the year are:

Read at least one non-fiction book per month

Read at least one classic per season

What are your reading goals for 2020? Are you following along with any challenges? Let me know down in the comments! 

Love and happy reading,


Hello!! My name is Whitney, and I love books! I spend a huge amount of time reading (way more time than I should, if we are being perfectly honest!) I live in Texas with my husband, daughter, and my dogs, who are a total mess and generally are my reading buddies. I also love to sing, hike, play The Sims, watch tons of YouTube videos, and drink creamy tea and coffee.

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