Gifts for the Bookworm in Your Life

It’s that time of year again! Have you bought all of your holiday gifts yet? Do you have a bookworm on your list that you aren’t sure what to get? Have you found yourself saying something like, “You’re always reading, so I don’t know what books to get you that you haven’t already read or bought for yourself!”

I have great news for you…you don’t have to buy them books! I have compiled a list here for you, along with some great places to find these things, of gifts that any bookworm is likely to love!

**All products that are pictured in this post will have a link you can follow to purchase! I do not make any commission on these products – I just want you to go support them!**


It is almost guaranteed that a book lover will always welcome more bookmarks in their life! The fun thing about this is that there are so many different kinds of bookmarks! You can find personalized ones for practically any interest, or you can just find one that you think is beautiful. No matter what, this should be a hit. (Also, these make great stocking stuffers!)

Sleep is Good BookmarkFlower Resin BookmarkBlank Bookshelf Bookmark


Now, at first this might seem like a strange choice. However, I can assure you that any book lover would love to have a beautiful candle to set out while they are reading. Also, there are so many book themed candles on Etsy!

Romance Reader CandleNew England Bookshop CandleChristmas at the Burrow Candle


Oh, we do love our bookish merch! Get them a t-shirt with the cover of a book they love on it. Get them a sweatshirt that has a funny bookish pun. Find a shirt that pays homage to a favorite author.

Kafka on the Shore ShirtPractice Shelf Love ShirtBibliophile Sweatshirt

Book Pillows

Something that I think every book reader needs is a book pillow. There are many different kinds of book pillows out there. Some are shaped to contour to your body and provide a lovely way to prop up your book so you don’t get a kink in your neck. Some have special stands that can work for a book or a tablet. Pretty much any kind of book pillow will be better than no book pillow at all!

Pyramid Book PillowThe Book SeatBook Bean

Book Sleeves

Do you have a loved one who is always bringing a book with them wherever they go? Why not get them a book sleeve that will help protect those precious pages from getting banged up in their bag?

BookBeau Book SleeveEmbroidered Flower Book SleeveDust Jacket Book Sleeve

Book Journals/Planners

I can personally never get enough of these! I love to track my reading every year. Doing so in a specialized book planner or journal is a lovely way to look back on reading years past. These are also a great way for the organized book nerd to plan out their next reading year.

A Clockwork Reader Reading JournalJane Mount Bibliophile Reader’s Journal The Bookworm Life Reading Planner

Bookish Stickers

These kind of go along with the planners and journals, but you can slap a bookish sticker on pretty much anything! Bonus, these also make great stocking stuffers!

TheStickerPatch Bookish Sticker BundleBookish Mini Sticker Surprise PackBooks, Books, Books Sticker Sheet


Two things that go hand in hand are reading and having a warm mug of something yummy. Bookish mugs are a super safe bet for any book lover in your life!

One More Chapter MugJane Austen MugBookshelf Mug

Art Prints

Hanging bookish art in your reading space is a wonderful way to decorate your home library or office! If you aren’t sure what specific books someone likes, get them a scratch off poster with a variety of books on it. Now it is art and an activity! Win, win!

Read More Book Stack Art Print Jane Mount Austen Art PrintShelves Overflow Art Print

Enamel Pins

Book themed enamel pins are a great way for the book lover to represent their favorite author or book on their bag or jacket! There are so many beautiful pins to choose from, you really can’t go wrong!

Book Lover Enamel PinJane Austen Enamel PinsBook Enamel Pin Set

These are just a few options! There are so many more gifts you could buy for a book lover. If you are really unsure, get them a gift card to their local bookstore. I can guarantee you that they will love it!

Love and happy reading (and shopping),


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