Harry Potter Anniversary Week: Why I Think Harry Potter is a Masterpiece

I was tagged by Margaret @ Weird Zeal to participate in this very special event! Every day for the next week, I will be posting a Harry Potter related post to celebrate the 21st anniversary of the release of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in the UK! Today is Day 6 – Wildcard! Here is what Margaret had to say:

This year, on June 26th, will be 21 years since Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was published in the UK. And yes, 21 is kind of an awkward number, but I didn’t have a blog last year for the 20th anniversary, and I guess that means the series can legally drink in the US, which means nothing because it’s British, but ANYWAYS.

I will be posting something Harry Potter related on the seven days leading up to June 26th, and I’m inviting you to join me!

The Rules:

  • Link back to one of Weird Zeal’s posts so she can see that you’re taking part!
  • Tag your friends and tell them to join in as well!
  • Have fun!


So today is a Wildcard day, meaning, I can write about whatever I want! I thought about it, and I decided that I wanted to talk about all of the things that make me view Harry Potter as a masterpiece!

First, J.K. Rowling has built a world that is so intricate, so complete, and that feels so very real. The attention to detail is absolutely extraordinary. I would love to get a look at her notes that she kept while writing this series, because I’m sure they were insane (in the best possible way 😉 ) I completely fell into this world the first time through the series. Then, a couple of years ago, I reread the entire series for the first time since I originally read them when they were released (I know, I can’t believe I waited that long either! Speaking of, I should reread them again soon!) Oh my goodness! Rowling is absolutely brilliant. On rereading the books, I noticed so many things that she alluded to in the first few books that don’t come into play until much later in the series. That kind of foresight and attention to detail is truly spectacular.

Image from http://www.pottermore.com

Secondly, this series, obviously, has a massive cult following. The fact that there is an entire theme park dedicated to a book series is nothing short of amazing. I mean, think about it. We are able to actually step into the world of this fantastic series. Rowling created a world that is so magical that people decided to make it real.🤯 Also, there is a convention dedicated entirely to Harry Potter, LeakyCon. I have never been, but I want to go so badly!! People even make pilgrimages to see the places where Harry Potter began, as well as the sights used in the films. I talk about my own pilgrimage in this post.


Another thing that makes Harry Potter a masterpiece is the fact that it is so rich in overarching themes that people are actually able to study it allegorically. One of my favorite podcasts, Harry Potter and the Sacred Text, does just that every week, book by book, chapter by chapter. I have never thought about Harry Potter so deeply before, and I absolutely love it!

The fact that there are so many characters, with such intricate backstories, and that they are all so fully fleshed out is nothing short of brilliant in my eyes. Also, the fact that there are so many different types of characters, to the point where there is a character that every individual can relate to. I love that so much.

Image from http://www.pottermore.com

And can we talk about the fact that Rowling basically invented new words that have now become part of the everyday English language?! You can now call someone a muggle, and we know exactly what it means! We can say words like Hogwarts, half-blood, patronus, boggart, dementor, hippogriff, and so on, and people will not only know what you are talking about, but they won’t look at you like you have just been conked over the head! You can ask anyone what house they are in, and they will likely have a ready answer for you, and be able to expound upon the virtues of said house. (I’m a proud Hufflepuff!) It is extraordinary.

So, after all of my gushing, I will end with this. Harry Potter is most certainly a masterpiece. It has changed my life for the better. I cannot imagine what my life, or the landscape of literature, would look like without it.

What do you think? Do you feel like Harry Potter deserves masterpiece status? How has Harry Potter affected your life? Let me know down in the comments! 

Love and happy reading,

10 thoughts on “Harry Potter Anniversary Week: Why I Think Harry Potter is a Masterpiece

  1. I love this post!! HP is definitely a masterpiece. Also, I listen to Harry Potter and the sacred text as well! I love that podcast! ❤️ And to your point that you’d love to see jkr’s notes, there was actually something like that in the History of Magic exhibit at the British Library – a page from her plan of book 5, which was so intricate! It was this huge table with columns for all the separate plotlines and a row for each chapter. I was impressed.

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