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My Bad Reading Habits Tag

I was tagged to do the My Bad Reading Habits Tag by Kiersten @ Once Upon a Spine. I’m sorry it took me so long! If you haven’t yet, you should go and check out her blog!!

If you enjoy reading, you likely have some reading habits that you are embarrassed by or ashamed of. Well, I’m here to say that I have bad reading habits, and I’m proud! πŸ˜‰ Here are a few of mine:

Bad Habit #1: Not finishing every book I start

I used to feel a lot of shame about not finishing every book I started, but I have since come to realize that life is too short to waste it reading a book you don’t like. So, I have this listed as a bad habit, but I’m perfectly okay with it.

Bad Habit #2: Buying books I never read

I have the terrible habit of buying books and then letting them sit on my shelf unread. To date, in just my office alone, I have 106 books that I haven’t yet read (eek!) I am going to try to make an effort next year to read more of the books that I already own…we’ll see how that goes!

Bad Habit #3: Never getting rid of old books

I have so many books in my house that I have read and never have any intention of reading again in the future. It would really be better to get rid of these books and sell or donate them to people who will read and enjoy them. It would also make more room for me to add new books, thus exacerbating bad habit #2 πŸ˜‰

Bad Habit #4: Getting rid of some books I shouldn’t

In contrast, there are some books that I have gotten rid of in the past that I now regret selling. I no longer have a lot of the books from my childhood that I loved because I was trying to make some money from selling them. I am going to try to be more intentional about what books I do and do not keep in the future.

Bad Habit #5: Not reading enough non-fiction

I read mostly fiction because that is what I enjoy the most. I know that I need to add more non-fiction into my rotation. I have been trying to get more non-fiction in this month, and I have been enjoying it more than I thought that I would.

Bad Habit #6: Stuffing books in bags and bending corners/covers

My paperbacks that I take with me tend to get a bit battered. I know this will make some readers swoon πŸ˜‰Β  I really need to invest in some book sleeves…

I tag:

Bree @ In Love and Words

Regina @ Bookish In Bed

Luna @ Bookish Luna

Margaret @ Weird Zeal

Do you have any bad reading habits? Are there any that we share? Let me know down in the comments!Β 

Love and happy reading,


Hello!! My name is Whitney, and I love books! I spend a huge amount of time reading (way more time than I should, if we are being perfectly honest!) I am currently working as a library page at a branch of my local public library. I live in Texas with my husband, daughter, and my dogs, who are a total mess and generally are my reading buddies. I also love to sing, hike, play The Sims, watch tons of YouTube videos, and drink creamy tea and coffee.

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  1. I love this tag so much Whit, I already posted mine on my blog. I could not wait. If you ever want a nonfiction recommendation don’t hesitate to ask. I love reading nonfiction!

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