I Have 500 Followers! Thank you! (+ a Giveaway!!)


Recently, I hit 500 followers here on the blog! I have been blogging for a little bit over two years, and I really never thought I would have so many people that were interested in what I had to say about books.

I have loved getting to know so many amazing bloggers and getting to grow more in my reading life. Thank you so much to everyone who follows this blog (as well as the people who follow me over on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!)

In celebration of this milestone, I would like to do a giveaway for one lucky follower! I have a few ARCs that have been sitting on my shelf for quite a while, and I feel like I should pay it forward.


**If you would like to enter the giveaway:**

Please leave a comment down below and I will choose a winner at random from the comments using a random number generator based on the order of the comments.


Thank you again to all of the people who have supported me by following Whit Reads Lit! Whether you have been here since the beginning, are a new subscriber, or are somewhere in between, I appreciate you!


Love and happy reading,


24 thoughts on “I Have 500 Followers! Thank you! (+ a Giveaway!!)

    1. Hey Priyasha! You won my giveaway! I just need your mailing address. If you could go to the contact me page on my blog, you can send it to me privately that way. Congrats to you, and thank you for following my blog!! 🙂


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