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The Liebster Award: Discovering New Blogs

I was nominated for this award by Jaynie @ Pages and Miles. If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, go do it now!! Thank you so much Jaynie!! 😀


Rules for The Liebster Award:

• Thank your nominator and provide a link to their blog

• Answer your nominator’s 11 questions

• Create 11 questions of your own

• Nominate 11 blogs


Jaynie’s Questions:

1: If you could live in the world of any book for one day, which would you choose?

Ooh, this is a tough one! I’m going to be super basic though, and choose the world of Harry Potter. It would just be the greatest thing to go to Hogwarts, stroll through Hogsmeade, shop in Diagon Alley, etc 🙂 Hufflepuffs unite!!

Image from

2: Have you had the opportunity to meet any of your favorite authors? If so, what was the experience like?

I actually have!! I have met both Tamera Alexander and Deborah Harkness! They were both so nice! I got autographs from both, and got to take pictures!

deborah harkness
After my friend Jessica and I snuck up on Deborah Harkness haha
Me getting to meet Tamera Alexander at a festival in Franklin, TN!


3: Which sidekick character in a book would you love to have as a friend?

I have a hard time choosing between these two, so I will say both Hermione from Harry Potter and Felicity from A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue! I love books and learning, so we would have so much to talk about!

4: What is the best book recommendation you have ever received? Who recommended the book to you?

I have several! Uprooted by Naomi Novik was given to me by my sister and recommended to me by my husband. The All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness was recommended to me by my friend Jessica. All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr was a book club pick.

5: What is your favorite film adaption of a book?

I have always had a special place in my heart for the 1993 version of The Secret Garden. The one with Maggie Smith in it. It is so good!! And the soundtrack is magical!


6: If your favorite book had a soundtrack, what would be three songs on that soundtrack?

Fun!! I’m going to go with a soundtrack for Winter of Fire by Sherryl Jordan!!

1: Fire Meet Gasoline by Sia

2: Run the World (Girls) by Beyonce

3: Winter Light by Linda Ronstadt

7: Have you ever been part of a book club, virtual or otherwise?

Yes! I’ve been part of quite a few book clubs in the past. Right now I am part of one that I run out of the bookstore where I work. I have never been part of a virtual book club though, and I think that sounds like fun!

8: If a friend was looking for a good book to read on a long flight, which book would you recommend?

I think I would recommend Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. It is super long, but one that will suck you into the world and will certainly fill your long flight!

9: If you had the ability to pair up two of your favorite authors to collaborate on a book, which authors would you choose?

I think Jenny Colgan and Shannon Hale would be a fun combo! I can see their styles blending nicely!

10: Do you have a favorite reading spot, like a cozy nook or an especially comfy chair?

I tend to read in my office, either in my desk chair or in my comfy arm chair. I also read in bed a lot.


11: If you could drop a character from one of your favorite books into another book, which character would you choose and into which book would you place them?

I think I would take Lady Emily from the Lady Emily series by Tasha Alexander and drop her into Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. I feel like she would be super helpful in solving the mystery and potentially save the MC a lot of grief!


Here are my nominees and my questions:

Kristin @ Kristin Kraves Books

Misty @ mistysbookspace

Malanie @ Malanie Loves Fiction

Lola @ Hit or Miss Books

Kiersten @ Once Upon A Spine

Regina @ Bookish In Bed

Mischenko @ ReadRantRock&Roll

Luna @ Bookish Luna

Kathy @ Books & Munches

Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books

Peachy @ Book Dragon Lair

My Questions:

  1. What standalone book do you wish had a sequel?
  2. What is your favorite bookish object purchase?
  3. Who is your favorite romantic pairing in a novel?
  4. How do you choose what to read next?
  5. Do you like to see the movie adaptation of a book first, or read the book first?
  6. What is your favorite bookstore? (online or physical)
  7. What is your favorite and least favorite genre?
  8. How long do you normally take to finish a book?
  9. What character would you choose to be your companion on an adventure?
  10. What is your Hogwarts house/do you feel that it is accurate?
  11. Who would comprise your ultimate girl squad?


Thank you again to Jaynie over at Pages and Miles for nominating me for this award! If you aren’t following her over there, what are you waiting for?!

Leave me a comment down below if you have thoughts on my answers! I love to hear what you think! 😉

Love and happy reading,

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Blogger Recognition Award

I was nominated for this award by Diana @ Fortunately, The Book  and also by Shaz @ Shaz Reads. Thank you so much for the nomination Diana and Shaz!! If you haven’t checked out Diana’s and Shaz’s blogs, go do it now! What are you waiting for?


The Rules:

  1. Generate a post about the award
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  3. Write a brief story about how your blog began
  4. Provide two pieces of advice to newbie bloggers
  5. Select 15 blogs to nominate
  6. Comment on each nominee’s blog and provide a link to the post that you created about the award


The Story of Whit Reads Lit

My blog is still pretty new, having started it in February of this year. I had thought about starting a book blog for quite a long time. I have worked in a book store for almost three years, so I am surrounded by books all day long. Talking about books is a huge passion of mine. Several of my friends are also big readers, so I would get recommendations from them of great books to read, and then once I had read and loved those books…I had no one to tell about them. Therefore, I started this blog, so that I can share all of my bookish feelings with you lovely people!!


Two Pieces of Newbie Blogger Advice

Again, being a bit of a newbie myself, I feel a bit odd giving out advice! But, since I must, I would say to write about what you love, and get out there and read other people’s blogs! If you aren’t writing about books and bookish stuff that you are interested in, then this blogging game is going to get old real fast! And, once I started following a lot of other book bloggers blogs (say that 5 times fast!), I started feeling more connected to this wonderful and supportive community – and I got some great post ideas too!


I Nominate…

Bree @ In Love & Words

Kaila @ The Traveling Inkwell

Andie @ Andrea’s Nirvana

Kay @ Hammock of Books

Kelly @ Kelly’s Rambles


I went with fewer than 15, because that is a heck of a lot of people. But, the people I picked are fantastic and totally deserve this award! If you have already received this award, or you don’t want to do it, you will not hurt my feelings, don’t worry 😉

Any thoughts? Musings? Complaints? (I really hope there aren’t any complaints, but I figured, if you have them, you should feel free to express them). Leave a comment below! 


Love and happy reading,

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